SVEN HEDIN ON MAN TGE [07.07.2022]



The Sven Hedin is a successful masterpiece. Not only does it have an innovative and trend-setting base vehicle in the form of the MAN TGE, but the Sven Hedin also knows how to impress with numerous innovations when it comes to fitting out the motorhome. But read for yourself.

The Sven Hedin, based on the MAN TGE, impresses with innovative solutions for the camping equipment as well as with numerous innovations in the base vehicle. On the vehicle side, first and foremost the high level of safety: As standard, Sven Hedin is equipped with Emergency Brake Assist, Multi Collision Brake and Crosswind Assist, which ensure the safety of campers in extreme situations. In addition, a very extensive range of driver assistance systems ensures safety. Among other things, the MAN TGE can be optionally equipped with active lane departure warning or adaptive cruise control (ACC). The optional LED main headlights also contribute to safety when driving at night and in restricted visibility conditions.
For convenience when manoeuvring, the TGE can be equipped with the reversing camera, allowing the driver to keep an overview when reversing. The new optional eight-speed automatic transmission and the innovative and ergonomically optimised cockpit are further arguments that make the TGE so unique as a base vehicle.

Another remarkable feature of the Sven Hedin motorhome is its interior. With a patent-pending pop-out system, the Westfalia developers have managed to create a transverse bed at the rear with two metres of lying space without permanently reducing the aerodynamics and disturbing the visual vehicle line. The pop-out is an insulated GRP part that can be moved outwards when needed, resulting in a bed length of approximately two metres. When the bed is no longer needed, the Pop Out retracts again and nothing is visible on the outside.

Westfalia has also revised all elements of the living and kitchen area. Thanks to the new development of a narrower compressor refrigerator, the depth of the kitchen block could be reduced. The result is a decisively improved feeling of space. Also remarkable for a van are the water and waste water tanks. With 100 litres (84 litres waste water), even after an extensive shower in the enclosed bathroom of the Sven Hedin, you are not literally left high and dry.







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