Hot water heating system [28.01.2021]

Superior concept - the hot water heating system from Westfalia.


Westfalia relies on a hot water heating system for its Club Joker, Columbus, Sven Hedin and James Cook models. A concept that will inspire you as a customer every day anew, and a concept that has more than proven itself over the past 10 years.

In principle, the hot-water heating system works in a similar way to the heating system you know from home. A cooling liquid is heated, flows in pipes to the radiators and there releases the heat and energy into the room. Since the liquid is the heating medium, the temperature remains more permanent and is also more constant than, for example, with air heating. And another advantage of the warm water heating - compared to the circulating air heating, the air does not have to be constantly swirled, which is an unbeatable advantage especially for allergy sufferers. And because the Westfalia hot-water heating is diesel-powered, you really only need gas in these models for cooking.

By the way, in the winter packages at Westfalia you also have the option of choosing underfloor heating, which then means that the entire area between the driver's cabin and the bed access is already comfortably warm in the floor.

In the James Cook, we use the Plugtronic in addition to the hot-water heating in the winter package - this means that, in addition to the diesel heating, you can also heat with electricity if a 230V connection is available.





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